SQLserver database

U.S. Microsoft has introduced a relational database system. SQLServer is a scalable, high-performance, distributed client / server computing database management system designed to achieve the organic integration with WindowsNT, providing enterprise-wide information management system solution based on the transaction.fff

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Monitoring System Security of SQL Server Database

Database monitoring information acquisition strategy studies include: database threat sources, threat characteristics, database audit events, the database is running performance indicators.



Through the study of the database threats, threats to establish a database repository, the database can understand the means of attack, attack signatures to detect sources of information, access to information and further develop monitoring strategies to ensure the completeness and reliability of database monitoring access to information.



sql server database monitoring system

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Database Management Systems

Because Microsoft Enterprise Manager provides default, many users use difficult, many users do not install this software. Additionally, many users will connect to the remote server database or to turn off the database server is installed on the LAN makes use of external management has a lot of trouble, SSOM system can be installed on your internal servers, so that external users directly with the (local) connection can be managed in a mysql server management, the current online management software with phpmyadmin, and SQL Server (mssql) also need an online management tool like this, so the development team for mssql BBSGOOD management SSOM system was born.

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SQL Server database management system Online


The online management system that has been created SQL Server (mssql) database, the main features are as follows:

Connect your SQL databases,

1 to create, delete, modify data tables

2 create, delete, modify the field operation of each table

3.SQL statement execution container, you can execute all SQL statements, including stored procedures, you can retrieve, insert, update, delete records, etc

4 backup of the database



A version control system for SQL Server database schemas, with the ability to synchronize two databases.